Web design and SEO

The next thing that is crucial to any business after a website is finished the next step is applying Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the practice of ranking in the top positions of the search engines. The only way a new website will obtain new business through the search engines is when you hire a professional to practice SEO.

On Page SEO- When designing a website its important that you have the correct on page seo factors. Some of these practices include h1 title tags and proper image tags. These factors alone will not gain search engine rankings but will help you in the future when you practice off page seo.

The next step in starting the seo practice is finding out what your main keywords are. When you are trying to figure out what your keywords are you can use the google adwords tool. That is a great way to figure out what you keywords are and how much traffic they receive each month. When doing this you can figure out exactly what keywords that you want to go after for the seo plan.

There are very few SEO specialists but make sure when you hire someone that you choose someone that has ranked many websites in different industries.