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Getting Started With Your Website

Struggling with how to select a web design firm? They all seem to be able to create ‘nice designs’ with nice buttons and nice logos. But how does that help your company’s productivity and marketing efforts?

ClickforWebDesign views the internet as a tool for your company to increase its market presence and productivity. Our methods provide you with guidance in choosing among the various design and enhancement options, internet marketing choices, and the metrics to measure the success of each choice. We also have the view to be a part of your business long after the design is done with a number of other services.

Our business-centered approach to web design starts with taking the time to understand your business through a carefully designed, rigorous and detailed process which uses our unique BusinessBridge Methodology . This includes a competitive analysis of what others are doing to solve similar problems, a step by step process of choosing the colors and design of your site to subtly convey the feelings and style which you wish to convey to your visitors, an informed method to chose the types of pages on your site, and a broad arrange of sought after programming enhancements, which our internal methods, experience and in-house libraries make affordable. We aim for an enterprise class approach to your internet presence at a price which small and emerging companies can afford.

How do we obtain high quality and low costs? Our internal organization has detailed procedures for each part of the web design process, and have very effective internal communication and organization methods which allows us to do our work efficiently and keep 80-90% of our programmers’ and designers’ time billable. We also are interested in a long term relationship with our clients across the ClickforHelp.com organization. We provide helpdesk and staffing solutions which also use the BusinessBridge Methodology and which our web design clients can benefit from. There is however no obligation to use any of our other services. We believe the initial experience with our organization will be enough to convince you.

SEO Tips

SEO and Website Design



Websites and SEO go hand and hand. There is no point of having a fantastic website if people cannot find it in the search engines. Normally when designing a website  one of the most important things to factor in is your SEO practice from the start. It is so crucial to start the process with both things in mind.

A rule of thumb is that most web designers are not SEO experts. They are two totally different jobs. Most people think they are the same but they are totally different.  In todays Search Engine Optimization world things go much deeper then on page SEO. Normally thats what most designers know when setting up a website. There are many off page factors in SEO from back links to web 2.0.

There is no better thing to invest your budget on the goal of being at the top of the search engines. There are many statistics one should read before signing an SEO contract or services.

Its extremely important to do your research and take your time before hiring on someone to work with.



San Francisco Web Design

This month we will be featuring an artist who is one of the top experts in San Francisco Web Design. Jennie Lambert has been working with wordpress for many years and has truly became a expert in this industry.

She is know for building custom coded themes and taking standard themes and giving them the look and feel of a totally custom site.

Custom WordPress themes.  In many situations using a custom WordPress theme work very well but in other situations with updating software it has a hard time being compatible with many of the plug-ins.

Many users find it extremely difficult to navigate a custom WordPress theme normally in the situations someone is hired to manage the website.  If you are not web savvy and no web design it’s nearly impossible to be able to update your own information plug-ins in a custom WordPress theme

This is one of the biggest drawbacks in having a custom WordPress theme you pretty much need to hire a full-time webmaster to manage

The benefits of using the stock word press theme. When doing this you were able to control all the plug-ins and update with no problem with a good web designer you can make it look like a full custom WordPress site.

In today’s web design world it is much easier to use a stock theme and customize it it’s user-friendly and you don’t need a webmaster on the payroll.